All change again at the BAMFORD stable!  Following an unprecedented boost from Swiss Watch giant ZENITH, George Bamford and the BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT are now THE official customiser of Zenith timepieces.
In a way not dissimilar to that of relationships such as AMG & Mercedes – or- Alpina & BMW, BWD have moved almost entirely away from Rolex; and why not indeed. Without the blessing of such a horological phenomenon, George would always feel like the ‘bad-boy’ of watch design not having the underwritten approval of such a powerful global brand.

Now however, with the fresh breeze of the Le Locle  air under his wings, George is free to once again fan the flames of his creativity and produce a range of simply stunning designs on a plethora of highest quality luxury Swiss timepieces.


This said – us mere mortals at Atreum, had next to no time or notice to pull [from virtually nowhere] a brand new website and customiser to replace, in its entirety – the current UK & RoW versions. No mean feat I hear you cry! You don’t know the half of it…. 🙂 With the deal and business relationships kept very tightly under wraps, we had just weeks to build, populate and develop the phase one version of the new site. The press launch date was announced and there was no going back. We aren’t particularly fond of what is know as ‘a mucky rush’, but needs must – I think we did OK under the circumstances and remember it is phase 1 😉 – phase 2 will include the cool stuff we simply didn’t have time to do, such as ‘live-time’ & ‘sweep-seconds’ on the customisers plus an awesome mobile version that knocks lumps out of anything that has gone before.

Was a testing time for us I can tell you – imagine having your spleen removed with a rusty spoon, whilst feasting upon the finest beluga caviar from the nape of Candice Swanepoel‘s back.
A little sweet and sour…

Anyway, we wish George the very best with this new and exciting venture, and though we simply couldn’t comment on what the future holds for BWD – watch out for brands such as BVLGARI, AUDEMARS PIGUET, PATEK PHILIPPE, HUBLOT, TAG HEUER & OMEGA on the near horizon – oh yes indeed.