Novusmet Branding Concepts-One

One concept (idea with the periodic table logo as I mentioned in meeting)
Simple and Clean – I’ve explored this further – in regards to the over arching branding.
Wanted to go along the crisp and clean route – as the final product of metal is quite beautiful. Want to explore the textures and patterns on various types of metal – the Nm (periodic table) logo works in black and white, but can also have any metallic texture as its background provided its not too light. The font is simple – Ariel – readily available and similar to Helvetica (which is a design favourite)
Also explored (as background ideas) Ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) and pixel stretching, because it looks like iron filings being magnetised. Maybe we can buy some stock images of these to fit with the brand?
Regarding further Backgrounds and stock images – I’m going to render various metal textures in Blender – I may be able to do Ferrofluid as well – but not sure yet.