That’s a lovely configurator you have there guv….

For a while now, George and his dedicated team at ‘The Hive’ have been offering their clients ‘loaners’ – whilst they wait upon a customisation or service of their beloved timepiece. The individually designed and uniquely branded quartz wristwatch was so popular that George decided it may be a good idea to ‘flog’ em….

The idea in place, the George and his design team set about creating a gorgeous looking 40mm ‘Mil-Sub’ style wristwatch, with a ‘bulletproof’ Japanese Miyota movement, and the same detailed custom dial combination and MGTC [Military Grade Titanium Coating] casings shared within the echelons of other BWD creations from Rolex, Zenith, Tag Heuer & Bvlgari to ‘name-drop’ a very few. The result was stunning and the Bamford Mayfair exploded onto the scene.

Now, having built a few customisers in our time, George requested that we look at the option of a less involved ‘configurator’, that would allow the prospective buyer to choose any ‘Case/Dial/Strap’ combo and the run off to the shopping cart and buy the precious little monkey.

So that’s just what we did – and we’re pretty damn pleased with the result…

Goes without saying, I’m particularly biased – but they are pretty neat, and for less that £500 including delivery I would say a ‘must have’ for the collection.

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